Sunday, 23 October 2016

5 Hacks To Be The Most Gorgeous Bride

Is your wedding day near? Well, it doesn’t matter actually. Women start visualising her big day from the moment she hears of its values and norms. Buck up, ladies! You definitely need this.
Wedding diaries are the most cherished and mesmerising moments of any women’s life. Men too! Why I stress on women is because their enchanting looks are forever immortalised in their visitor's and their own memories. We all know about some never changing shades of every Indian wedding. The value of RED in everything, no use of black, designer lehengas etc. Many other things are eternal and untouched in any big fat Indian wedding. But without hurting anyone’s feelings, you can make your day the way you always it should be. Doesn't that sound like a better idea? Yes, it is that simple.

Indian brides are styling themselves differently. They have revamped the old styles to make them more modern and are now ‘bold & beautiful’ at the same time. Want to be in the same league? Roll into latest fashionable hacks from online lehengas & make the look different.

Ravishing Designer Lehenga

Do you really want the colour red? Think out of the box. I understand the value of red in Indian weddings but you can experiment by blending other colours too. This will not just get people talking, but will also make you a fashion diva.

Double Dupatta Style

Now this is something in trend and totally kick-ass. Carrying a double-dupatta with online bridal lehenga has become the tradition for awe-striking looks. There is no need to pair up the colours. Sometimes, mixing and matching is more visually appealing.
Wanna look totally gorgeous on the wedding day?
Go For Side Maang Tika

Side maang tika is a part of Pakistani culture. But as fusion is the new fashion, everything can be adopted as per your will and desire. Even side tikas are much more fascinating and give a royal and graceful appearance. They just add a magical essence to your bridal look. 

Be The Jewellery Queen

A bride doesn’t have to be simply covered with hefty ornaments. Gone are those days. You are your own stylist, & you have to take a call on how you want to look for your big day. Jewellery is just to beautify what is already there, so don’t hide the main charm and elegance with these trinkets.

Let The Hair Do The Talking

Do you want to go with the same old style of hair bun or long braid? Think about it. It’s not an obligation. Be your own stylist and reinvent something sassy to work for you and your personal style.
Be the most stunning bride of the planet!

Manisha Dubey 
Shreya Jhunjhunwala

p.s.- This is a collaborative post. 


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  2. I am getting married at the end of december. Thank you for sharing the tips that how to choose bridal lehengas , color of lehenga, jewellery, new trends in hairstyles. I really love this blog which help me on my wedding day.


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