Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Product Spotlight: Farbod Barsum Handbags & Accessories

My love for well crafted, designer handbags is one of my guilty pleasures. I came across Farbod Barsum and couldn't stop drooling at the pictures of the gorgeous bags. What struck me was the unique designs that set it apart from other luxury bag brands flooding the market.


Farbod Barsum is a relatively new entrant into the scene of exotic handbags. It has been setting new standards in the world of luxury purses since its launch in 2010. Designer Farbod Barsum started the line after completing Art History at Berkeley, Fashion Design at FIDM, and a Masters Degree in Architecture. According to the designer, the design for the bags combine his love for nature and architecture. This is very visible in the strong lines and geometric shapes of the bags. The material is luxe and beautifully textured. Each bag is crafted with skill and precision and it shows.


Farbod Barsum makes luxury, ethically sourced genuine snakeskin bags and ostrich skin handbags. The designer selects each material that goes into making these beauties personally. Experienced artisans handcraft each piece and make sure it matches the high standards of quality for the brand. Each piece of hardware is individually cast and polished setting each bag apart from the other.

Farbod Barsum has experimented with innovations in the exotic handbag company that few others have dared to. These Isabella and Polina bags use color blocking to aesthetically combine two elements in one bag. Farbod Barsum is a pioneer when it comes to using Swarovski crystals and feathers in exotics.

Jennifer Morrison

Even with all the innovations, the bags are extremely versatile. You could use them from day to night and carry them from the office to a nightclub. The bags look classy and elegant in whichever setting you place them in. It is no wonder that celebrities like Pink, Maria Sharapova, Nicole Scherzinger, Carmen Elektra, Jennifer Morrison and many others have been seen carrying his bags both on the red carpet and off.

Img Src: Farbod Barsum

P.S. This is a collaborative post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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