Sunday, 26 June 2016

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Photos Look Great

If you are an avid fashion blogger you understand how hard it is to set yourself apart from the rest to stand out and get noticed. One of the best ways to do this is to have great blog photos that showcase your style. Following these five tips may help you make the photos for your blog look better.

Don’t be afraid to invest: First of all invest in a good camera. The camera itself does not have to be very pricey (look for a DSLR camera to start), but what you definitely need are good lens. Finding the best lens to give you the best contrast and depth to show off your outfits actually makes all the difference. Also, if you are really passionate about photography, you can take some fashion photography courses like this one in order to gain important technical skills and express your creative ideas successfully.

Find the right lighting: For different outfits and styles it is important to choose the right lighting. You may spend countless hours trying to find the right location, so play around with the lighting to see what works best. The times right before sunset and after sunrise are the so-called “golden hours” which provide the best lighting for photography. The light hits the focus of the picture more directly, but play with the aperture to find the right balance.

Find the best location: Always look for inspiration in other blogs or magazines to pair the right location with the outfit and style you are shooting. You will not want to rip off these shoots but use them as guidelines to find a cool location for yours. A good backdrop for great fashion is always a must.

Watch how you crop your photos: When you are editing your photos be careful how you crop them. Read up on the rule of thirds and play around with how you want the focal point to appear in your designs.

Use the most flattering angles: It is essential to learn how to use angles and leading lines to capture the best photo. Using buildings or shadows helps lead the view to the subject of the photo. This takes time to learn, but be sure to have fun doing it! Playing around with all the aspects of your photo shoot is half of the adventure. Never be afraid to fail and don’t think too much about it, sometimes all of the right pieces will just fall into place.

P.S.- This is a collaborative post. 


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