Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Bohemian Indian

There is something amazing about behaving like a tourist in your own city. Kolkata is where I grew up and lived my whole life. Yet, there are times when it seems like you have seen everything and done everything that there is to do. And then Kolkata surprises you by taking you to a place like this.

For this outfit post, I wanted to take some pictures somewhere lush and green. The regulars of Victoria and Lake passed my mind, but they were too far and too huge for the little amount of time we had. My cousin suggested Nature Study Park right in the heart of Park Street Area and that is where we headed.

The park was an oasis of peace in the city. I must have crossed the area a million times and yet never thought to go inside. Lush trees, clear waters and ducks swimming right in the middle of the big corporate buildings. It was not very large or grand. I would not even recommend it to tourists. Just a tiny bit of happiness in a big city. 

Have you re-explored your city recently? How was your experience?

Chappals: Vanilla Moon, DLF Mall Delhi. Buy Similar here.
Bangles: Assorted. Also worn here. Buy Similar Here.


  1. Lovely <3 Bright colours & boho are always a fabulous combo!

  2. Love the maxi n the chappals r super cute.


    1. Thanks Aditi, I actually brought the dress while I was in Mumbai! :D

  3. You look so beautiful! I love all the bright colours! ¨

  4. Your dress and accessories are so exquisite! GORGEOUS colors and print! I love where you took the photos.

  5. Cute dress :)
    Maria V.

  6. I agree with being a tourist in your own city . I've only been to Kolkata airport but want to visit the city for it's faboulous culture food and sarees 👍
    The outfit is so breezy and summery I love that jhola

  7. I love your colourful picks. The maxi is beautiful, plus love the way u accessorized.
    New Post ,<3

  8. I love how Indian yet Boho this look is. You look great and the colours you picked were perfect
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  9. Discovering a new place in your own city is always a nice surprise! Loved your outfit! Your dress and bag are so wonderfully bright and colorful!


  10. Thanks ! Oh and I like this outfit- that bag is great! i like your short hair! When did you cut it?


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