Monday, 7 September 2015

Lets Talk About: CC Hair Extensions

As you guys may have noticed,I had cut my hair to a shoulder length a few months back.And while I absolutely love how easy it is to maintain the style, there are some occasions in every girl's life that simply call for long hair. It is at these moments that CC Hair Extensions come to your rescue and give you long,lustrous hair in a matter of minutes!

CC Hair Extensions provide hair extensions that are high in quality and low in price (the best sort of combination!).If you use hair extensions then you must have seen the ones available in the market are rarely less than 200$ and have a synthetic feel to them.At CC Hair extensions,I have seen the prices starting from as low as 50$ up to 150$ for quality products.And to top it all off,they are made from 100% human hair so they blend right in ! They also have a huge variety of length and colour options to suit women of all types and preferences.

Clip in hair extension are the most easiest to use of all the hair extensions. You don't need to have much practice and can simply clip the extensions on and off from the base of your scalp even if you are a beginner or have no beauty training.It is available in different weights and lengths which you can choose from and are made the best quality Indian Remy hair which feel incredibly soft.

Tape hair extensions are also known as skin weft hair
extensions.These are the best quality of them all as they are seamless and so lay flat on your scalp.These are perfect if you have a special occasion planned as they give you beautiful,long hair without any bumps.

Don't want the hassle of style your hair?
Then try the hair weave extensions also called hair weft.These give you soft and silky hair which do not shed or tangle in a matter of minutes! Also available in a huge variety of style for wavy hair to natural curls(Which I love!) to gorgeous straight hair.

I personally love hair extension and I think CC Hair extensions provide amazing quality and value.
I've even used it for my engagement picture below.You can have a look and not tell any difference between my real hair and the extensions.So,if you need long,lustrous hair be sure to head to CC Hair Extensions!

P.S.- This is a sponsored post.All the views expressed are my own.


  1. I love hair extension too. you look so beautiful in that pic. Thanks for this review :-)

  2. WOW...i have been trying to grow my hair long for the longest time. In the meanwhile, these hair extensions can be a really cool and practical purchase, to give me long hair.


  3. Try clip on ones if you are using for the first time...they are super easy to use...they are the ones I have!

  4. Ooh! I might try hair extensions now! Thanks for sharing

  5. I haven't tried hair extensions until now! I soo want to though, clip-ons might be a great option for me

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  6. I would love to try colored extensions some day. My hair is so dense generally. But as they say we should try everything once, so extensions it is then ;)

    1. Am sure a few strands of colored ones will look great on you surbhi!

  7. Neat post and really cute!!
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  8. I haven't really tried hair extensions, but may be someday when I have the courage to chop off my hair I will definitely try them! :) You look so pretty in your engagement pic:)

  9. I just got mine and really eager to try, when I will be ok!! These look fabulous on you! :)

  10. Haven't used these, but I would. Always fun to change up your hair every now and then.

  11. Love the wavy hair extensions! Looks lovely.

  12. great information, thank you for sharing!

  13. such a great products, btw love your blog

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  15. These ones look great, easy to use and fits in well from what I can see.

  16. For a new hairstyle is a really good idea!!! Kisses from Italy and thank you for stopping at my blog,

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