Thursday, 27 August 2015

Date Night Style: Doing the Oversized Trend.

We decided to do an impromptu photo-shoot when we went out for dinner last weekend at the Taj Bengal Kolkata. So,I apologize if some of the pictures are not as clear as they should be.This outfit I wore was actually for dinner with family but would be great for date night too!
Pair your favorite skinny pants with an oversized embellished top and some statement accessories for a look that is both fashionable and comfortable.

I love the oversized trend.If done the right way,it hides all the parts of your body that you want hidden.It is also extremely comfortable to wear.It is wearing-pyajamas-to-bed comfortable.It feels all roomy and cozy and makes you totally at ease.And when you're comfortable,it reflects in your attitude.And that,your guy will love.

The key to doing the oversized trend for petite people like us is to make sure that the outfit does not swallow your frame.So,Make sure that a part of your outfit is form fitted while the other loose.Like,How I paired this top with fitted leggings.If you're wearing an oversized dress,cinch it at your natural waistline with a belt.It is the most slimming and flattering part of your body!
Also,At the risk of looking too comfortable glam up your look with some statement accessories like this oversized Neon Clutch and Gold cuff.

Let me know how you would do the oversized trend or if you have done it recently ?

Pants: Oakridge,Cape Town - Buy Similar
Clutch: Gifted by Cousin - Buy Similar
Cuff: Grand Bazaar,Istanbul - Buy Similar
Shoes: Gifted by Mom,Fratelli Rosetti,Milan. - Buy Similar


  1. Agreed with the tips on oversized wear ! And that clutch is gorgeous ! Look sweet as !!


  3. Loved the entire look! <3
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  4. Que maximo arrasou look e bolsa maravilhosa, bom final de semana

  5. the highlight is the pink pop. trust me this is the best combo ever,I even wore something similar on my blog too.

  6. Love the pink clutch n the shoes r so cute.


  7. Neat post and really cute!!
    Check out my recent post: Draped


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