Thursday, 16 July 2015

Colours of Cape Town

One of the places we went to while sightseeing in Cape Town was to Bo-Kaap or the Malaysian Quarters.Now this place must be familiar to all of you.The colourful buildings of the street has been a backdrop to a countless bollywood songs and has even inspired it's very own film set back home.I wished we had more time to spend here to experience more of the culture of the place( and the yummy-looking Malay coffee place we passed ),but sadly that was not to be.I did however manage to get some quick shots clicked in all of the 20 minutes we got to spend taking in the sights.

The bag I am carrying is my new favorite bag.It is roomy and easy on the shoulders and I love it and I'm carrying it everywhere now.I bought it at the souvenir shops outside the Seal Island dock.Supposed to be the cheapest souvenir shopping according to our guide.But I am sure I was still very willingly ripped off like the gullible tourist that I am. :D

Top:     Green Apple,City Centre 1,Kolkata
Denims:     Best Mountain,Paris
Boots:     BK Market,Kolkata
Bag:     Souvenir Shop in Cape Town
Scarf/Snood:     Woolworths,Cape Town
Sunglasses:     Minimal Baroque by Prada
Earrings and Bracelets:      Miscellaneous 


  1. Love these top and sunnies. Nice pictures. xx


  2. Such a relaxed n classy outfit. I love the colorful backdrop .

  3. I love such colourful buildings <3 Your outfit is fabulous!

  4. Cool look mate ! The bag is cute I understand why you love it it's roomy and can carry stuff for outings

    Love the casual vibe of the boots and bag

    1. It is roomy and the look was perfectly comfy for travelling!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Surbhi! I love it too! :D

  6. I love all the colour, have a great weekend!

    Style by Avery

  7. Very colourful, I like that!


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