Friday, 12 June 2015

You Know You're a Baniya When...

Being a Baniya comes part and parcel with being a Marwari.Now,Baniya is a complex word which can be interpreted in many ways.Traditionally,it was used to describe the trader class but nowadays,it is commonly misinterpreted as being kanjoos (miserly).The real meaning for me is however getting your money's worth.In other words,when life gives you lemons,squeeze the life out of it. :D
Here is how I know that I get my #Paisawasool. And I am not embarrassed.

1.You buy nothing all year because you say you have enough clothes but when it's SALE season all hell breaks loose.

2.It's OK if you run out of soap in the shower because there's a stash of hotel toiletries somewhere close-by.

3.You have a pantry stocked up with free tea and coffee sachets.

4.You haggle with the Parkingwaala. Every.Single.Time.

5.You sit through the whole movie even if it's really,really bad.You ain't going nowhere until you are done with that popcorn and coke.

6.You can eat a full days meal when there's a buffet.And,that's when you're not really hungry.

7.We ALWAYS request for the front row seats during flights. #LufthansaPremiumEconomy

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  1. Superbly written! Laughed my way through!!

  2. LOL...such a cool post.


  3. hahaha!!! super interesting to read thru this!

    Have a great week!
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  4. Very funny post. These are always so entertaining :))

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