Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Indian Kitsch with Manish Arora

I am sure y'all must have noted the sudden influx of a lot of Indian Wear on my blog.One of the perks of being married means you have double the occasions to dress up in all your beautiful ethnic clothes that you would have never had the chance to wear otherwise.

I wore this outfit to an engagement party in the morning.The vibrant colors and beautiful embroidery portrays what my style quintessentially is.And,even though it looks heavy,it is super-light to wear which is always a plus in the Indian weather.If you ever do get the chance,definitely pop into Indian by Manish Arora for some for stunning,colorful and quite affordable Indian Wear.

Chappals: Some Exhibition
Earrings and Bangles: Gifted


  1. such a fan of this color, u do full justice with the outfit. Lovely accessories BTW.

  2. I love Manish Arora..n u look really really pretty.



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