Monday, 11 May 2015

Bag Lust Revisited

A little over a year ago I did a post called Bagabond in which I listed my new found fascination with designer bags.I couldn't have imagined then that I would so soon I would go from having no designer bags to something of a starter collection.I have listed below all the bags that I now currently own and love and hope to curate over the years.

The first designer purchase was also the smallest.I got this beautiful golden wallet from a Michael Kors outlet mall for a steal.Needless to say it was my first visit to an outlet mall and I couldn't resist!
I love the versatility of this with Indian and western wear.It easily substitutes as a clutch at parties and at weddings!

 Thus bag and wallet set probably the most used of all my bags.It is very roomy with just the right amount of compartments and is perfect for daily use.It goes with almost everything I wear and fits in the small wardrobe that I tend to carry in my bag!

Oh if I could,I would literally buy every single bag Kate Spade makes.I love the yummy colors and trendy designs they have.The brand reflects my personal style to a T! This bag is the most recent one I bought and is the perfect travel bag and surprisingly sturdy! I use to carry my laptop AND my Ipad! Also,I love the color.I think every girl should have a gorgeous Red Bag in her closet.You know,Just because.

This bag is definitely the most expensive accessory I own.I would not have bought it if I did not think it was an investment piece.I am yet to take it out since I am too scared of damaging it but I don;t have to worry.I don't think it is going out of style anytime soon!

I got this as a wedding gift from some family friends and boy am I glad!I love love love white bags even though I would never buy it for myself since it is destined to stain.As a proof of how much I adore it,It already has a few love marks.Clumsiness permitting,I hope to stretch it out for a couple of years more.

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  1. i like pink one :)


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