Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Bridal Files : Mehendi

The next morning of the Youngsters Party,We had the Mehendi Function.The theme of the Mehendi was Rajasthani Kitsch.I wanted it to be a really fun event with lots of dancing and filled with the colours of my heritage.I had made matching leheriya outfits for all the women of my family and had a really fun photo booth,complete with a jazzed-up scooter!

We used a lot of DIY for this event and I love how it all turned out. I had made my lehenga infact before I had decided on the theme of the event but somehow it all worked out together!Even the Potlis for the favours were done by my in-house brand and are still available for sale in a modified version!

We handed out these potlis with Rajasthani Doll Hangings as Mehendi Favours.

The Kitschy Scooter!

  And,lastly my favorite picture of the lot. Us <3

Lehenga and Sari draped as Dupatta : India Kitsch
Shoes: Verushka
Bangles: Radha's,Kolkata and Nidhi Tholia,Jaipur
Jewellery : Mom's 
Potli: India Kitsch


  1. That sounds awesome!!! I love all these colors too! DIY parties are the best because you get to put more of you into the actual event. :) Thanks for stopping by- I haven't been by your blog in a while. :)


  2. love your outfit, you look very gorgeous.
    great blog, love it


  3. Great photos and amazing colors! WOW! Thank you for stopping by!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  4. Oh, dear! The pics are so colorful!! I definitely love it:)

  5. stunning!! i just love the vivid colours! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. wow it seems so much fun. And those potlis are so pretty, I want these. Your designer has designed a really nice outfit for you.


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