Thursday, 6 March 2014

To New Beginnings!

And it's official!
I got married on the 6th of of December to the love of my life in Kolkata.The Big Fat Indian Wedding took up most of my time as I had 3 months officially(and 9 months unofficially) to plan the wedding since my engagement on the 20th of October.I've been neck deep in trousseau shopping,theme planning,cocktail arrangements and honeymoon bookings till I forgot that I was the one getting married.Not to mention I was working till a week before the wedding.
So here I am now.Happily typing away in Winnipeg.A new city,a new life and ready to make new mistakes. :)


  1. Welcome to the Married Club..!
    N thats a gorgeous click.


  2. wish you all the happiness and adventures for a non-mundane married life :D

  3. Congratulations girl..This will be a very happy journey...

  4. Oh, I just saw your post! Congratulations! May both of you have a happy married life! Share some photos of your wedding! Would Love to see them.


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