Thursday, 25 July 2013

I've got the 'Blues'

One of the quirks I have while travelling is collecting hotel key cards.I didn't really start doing it intentionally but because of my habit of dumping things and losing them in the pit of my travel bag...I somehow always ended up with one back home.After we came back,those key cards made great souvenirs. They were easy to store,long lasting,brought back some wonderful memories of the places we'd seen and free!The hotels I stay in are one of the most important thing during my holidays.I research for weeks before settling on one I like.So,I was very upset with the hotels in France as NONE of them had any tea/coffee machines.Now for someone who survives on coffee and has cravings at odd hours of night for a cuppa this was very disconcerting. It had never even occurred to us that the 4-5 star properties we stayed in wouldn't have even the basic of these amenities and so we were not carrying any of the sachets and I was forced to buy one takeaway every night after dinner.The cherry on top of my horrible hotel experience was the burglary which happened in my room in Paris!All of our electronics were stolen from our room when we were down for breakfast!Although after several threats and a police complaint the hotel agreed to refund the amount of the stolen items...the whole incident was a huge dampener on the fun. Anyhoo,I still kept the card key.A memory is a memory!

Slippers-Tally Weijl
Sling-Borrowed from Sister
Location-Antibes Harbor-We went to see all the fancy schmancy celeb yachts.


  1. What a shame you had such a bad experience when you were in Paris, I've never heard of something like that happening! You look lovely in these photos, though :)

  2. Very beautiful style ;) Amazing dress :)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  3. So sad to hear abt ur experience in paris.
    N same pinch..coz i collect key cards too.:)

    I love ur top in these pics..n u look adorable.

    New pOST uP

  4. That's actually a really interesting thing to collect. You would've loved the hotel key I had at my last hotel. It was a maroon tassel with this intricate key hanging off of it. (:

  5. hmm..robbery on holiday sucks!!!!!!

    interesting collectible ~ Hotel card!!

    You look casual and bright blue :)

  6. What an adorable summer look! Love the top!
    What a crazy vacation! I can't believe your room was robbed!


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