Wednesday, 17 July 2013

French Reveries

I came back from my holiday in France and Switzerland completely relaxed but also thoroughly spent.Does that seem too contradictory? We went in a huge group of 12 to France which became even bigger by the time we reached Switzerland.The trip was fun yet chaotic and rushed which was not really the relaxed holiday I had been craving for.And we had a bit of tourist mishaps in France which I'd rather not write home about.But not to sound to whiny and ungrateful,I did see some stunning locales and monuments,ate a LOT of yummy food,sipped some delicious wine,shopped to my heart's content and checked The Eiffel off my bucket list which made me a very,very happy girl.
I wore the outfit below on a day trip to Eze and Monte Carlo.The two places were as different from the other as could be.Eze was a charming medieval style French Village with small lanes and quaint shops and cafes.There is a chapel near the top built in the 1300's with beautiful art and a very serene feel to it.The garden at the top is supposed to have stunning views but was already shut by the time we arrived.
On the other hand,Monte Carlo was glamorous and home to The Formula One Circuit and the famous Casino.Several James Bond movies have been filmed at the Casino and it gained popularity because of the royal family.The town breathes extravagance and luxury.Hence,it was very hard to dress for both at the same time.This dress and shoes are the most comfortable formal things I own.I can skip and hop in these without getting a shoe-bite and yet look pretty which is exactly what I needed.I also am in love with the tiny bow details along the back.This was the perfect day to evening look that I had hoped to achieve.:)

Dress- FCUK
Bracelet-Mosaic FA


  1. What a pretty your accessories too!

  2. Sounds like you had a great holiday! Thanks for sharing :) I love that dress of yours! So pretty! xo

  3. Gosh..u look gorgeous..n I love ur dress.


  4. Elegant and lovely!!! Love this dress ! Perfectly styled!

    New Post up...

  5. wow, love this fit of the dress on u , and I need to go to Switzerland again soon. Its on my next year's travel list too..
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog Shreya !

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  7. love ure dress and ure holiday sounds like a lot of fun!!

  8. Absolutely love the saris and the post. Have to visit this place from some beautiful collections. Anyhow, following your blog via gfc, hope you will visit my blog and follow me too.

    Fashion Blogger India

  9. I love your blog! It's great :) You are amazing! Feel free to my blog :)) Maybe, you follow my blog ? ♥ (If you like it)
    Kisses ♥♥♥

  10. You look really pretty! And I love Eze village and the Eiffel :)

  11. Nice post sweets.....
    may be we can follow each other..!!
    Keep in touch


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