Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer Lovin'

Hello Lovelies!There has been so much going on with me that blogging had taken a temporary backseat the last last month.To summarize the reasons; A holiday(Delhi-Jaipur),2 family weddings and a mammoth amount of orders because of the two weddings.In the meantime I won not one but TWO extremely awesome giveaways.A 30 minute blissful massage at Four Fountains Spa courtesy Varsha of Warflower and an extremely gorgeous leather clutch courtesy Eshna of All Things Desirable.Thank you so much guys!

And then before I could blink,it was summer.I Hate Summer.I really do.I get extremely grumpy with the sun blazing down and the Kolkata humidity draining out every ounce of moisture from my body.However,Since it is better to look at the glass half full(And we need a lot of chilled glasses right now!),There are a few things I could concede to enjoy about the season.

1)Summer Clothes:Barney said it right:Sundress up! There is so much to love about summer clothing and so much to experiment with.Shorts,Skirts and tees.Summer definitely has the best of the lot.

2)Is there anything better than a chilled Gola (Shaved Ice) on a hot summer day?

3)Swimming:The ONLY Sport I enjoy.Even though,the club pool I go to is nowhere near as gorgeous as this,Everytime I go swimming I feel like I'm on a mini vacation.

4)Summer Colors:Just looking at summer colors makes me feel refreshed.Pastels,Neon and White can soothe the most sunburned mind.

5)The first monsoon after a sweltering summer.The smell of grass and earth.Splashing around in the rain puddles.:)

6)Summer is the perfect excuse to procrastinate. You can crib as much as you like and no one can blame you.Because it is too bloody hot to do anything!

7)Florals:They're everywhere-Clothes,Accessories,Shoes and ofcourse,in Nature!

8)You can never click a bad picture on a summer day.Unless you squint.There is no better lighting than sunlight.Everything just looks so bright and lively even if you're sweating like a pig!

9)Summer Hair:Even though I'm not very good at hairstyles,I love tied up hair.Braids,A messy updo or a puffed ponytail and some really stylish ways to beat the heat.

10)And last but definitely everyones favorite!Summer Holidays-In school we loved it because of the vacations and now I love it because we take an overseas vacation every summer.This June I'm heading off to Switzerland-Paris and am SUPER excited.If any of you have been there,do let me know your travel tips!

What are your plans for the summer?

Pic,,,,miscellaneous via pinterest.

P.S.-It started raining when I was writing this post so maybe the Gods really do listen!:D


  1. Each & every one of those points are SO true!! I also love summers for the very same reasons! (Well....almost.....I mean, I don't know how to swim. But apart from that, everything!! ^_^)

    Also, have fun in Paris! Wear heels, look chic, chill at cafes, tour the Louvre, click LOTS of snaps, have yummy confectioneries........and if possible, do get me some macaroons!!! :P

    P.S.: Not one, but TWO giveaways??? Someone's having a lucky season! Rub some of it off on me, no?

  2. Wonderful post dear ^^
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  4. Enjoy your Swiz - Paris vacation. That's super cool....
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  5. I have been Procrastinating much too. It means I have been enjoying or what !!haha.. Love swimming too, I swim for an hour everyday, good it helps staying in shape too.
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  6. love all the photos, the colors look so Summer!

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  10. wow get summer feels! I follow you now xjes

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  12. i love summer myself :) it just makes you want to go outdoors and do things!

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  14. I love summer - although it definitely doesn't get as hot where I live, which helps! We haven't settled on our summer plans just yet, but yours sound lovely. Be sure to make lots of time to just sit in cafes and enjoy the scenery while you're in Paris :)

  15. Omgsh! Switzerland-Paris!!! I'm so jealous!
    My boyfriend's family just moved back from Switzerland.I hope to visit there someday.
    Have a good time! :)

    <3 Kayla

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  20. Oh I know, summer is not one of my fav seasons in India. The heat really makes me lose my temper. its a different story in Europe though, in some parts Summer is so fun


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