Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Find your Inner Gatsby Woman!

If you've gone to see this movie over the last few weeks,You will have to agree that it was the costumes that brought Baz Luhmann's version of The Great Gatsby to life.It wasn't very true to age and in some of the costumes they took use of a fair share of Artistic License.But,they were what gave the essence to the characters even if they were over the top.After all,It was the Age of Excess wasn't it? And it was as glamorous as it could be.A brilliant collaboration between Miuccia Prada and Catherine Martin(Luhrmann's wife and Production Designer) resulted in the most opulent,sparkling and colorful ode to the Art Deco and  Jazz Age.It may not exactly be by the book,But I feel it was very descriptive of the characters.

You Are Daisy Buchanan:You are a classic beauty.Beautiful to the point of giving an almost angelic vibe.You are innocent,sophisticated and very glamorous.You are most comfortable in dainty,girly dress intricately embroidered with lace,pearls or crystals.You love your bling and are habituated to a life of luxury.However,inspite of your innocence,there is a subtle sensuality to your look that is extremely irresistable. You mostly prefer pastels and whites in your colour palette.You wear almost nude,luminous makeup.
Daisy Buchannan

You are Jordan Baker:You are athletic,independent and confident.You are used to getting what you want even if it involves bending the truth a little.You give out an almost icy vibe when people meet you for the first time but are not really as cold as it seems once they get to know you.You prefer structured clothing which is slightly on the androgynous side like jumpsuits,shifts and fitted maxis.You like to dress up in neutral shades like black,cream,beige and blue with hints of embellishment.You like the smokey eye and nude lips look to make an impact.

Jordan Baker

You are Myrtle Wilson:You are sensuous,bold and full of life.You are voluptuous and not afraid to show it. Femininity and sexuality is very visible in the way you dress.Although attractive,you can sometimes be coarse and direct.You are very passionate and expressive about the way you feel which is why you don't sometimes think of the consequences of your actions.You like to wear fitted and feminine dresses that show your hourglass figure to the best advantage.You compensate the lack of embellishment with frills and ruffles and love corsets and low necklines.You prefer bold colours like red,yellows and pinks and floral and polka prints.You love makeup and the highlight of your face are your bold,red lips.

Myrtle by affinity14 featuring a silk shawl

Images Courtesy: http://thegreatgatsby.warnerbros.com/
Reference: Fashion Telegraph
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  1. I so need to go watch this movie! Feel like I'm the only person that hasn't watched it yet. But I am waiting till the crowds die down, tactical thinking, hehe.



  2. Haven't watched this yet but I would really love to. Thanks for writing a post about this dear! :)
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  3. WOW..u r too good..!


  4. Great post! I also did a Great Gatsby post!

  5. I think I am most like Jordan Baker, but I love the looks you put together for all of the Gatsby characters!

  6. Awesome post! I am dying to watch this movie..


  7. I've not seen this movie before but seeing all the posts about it on blogs, I'm getting itchy to watch it!

    Have a nice weekend

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  8. Now this was a fun post !! And though I haven't seen the movie yet (I really should I know).. based on your description... I should be closest to Jordan Baker :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  9. Love this post which is inspired by Gatsby!

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  11. Great post! I absolutelly adore Daisy but mostly because I think Carie is one of the most beautiful women ever.

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  12. Love your blog. The posts are so well constructed.
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