Tuesday, 26 February 2013


For the longest time,I was notr a branded bag and shoes kind of girl.My costliest bag was a  Rs.3500($70) worth Gayatri Chopra clutch I had purchased during an exhibition 2 years back which I still use and love.During college expensive bags seemed like a frivolous expense and anyway no one I knew cared much about them even though it was a design school.We barely managed to get up and reach on time after the long nights and busy days.However,over the years,I have developed an appreciation and love for certain brands of bags.Even though the miser in me still reels at some of the prices,There are a few I've been coveting for a few years now that are well worth the price.Here are 5 bags I hope to buy within the next couple of years!

The Louis Vuitton Speedy Monogram 30
This LV Bag is easily the most recognizable bag of all time.And there is a good reason for it.It's a classic design which is perfect for day or work and even an occasional date night!Priced at $895,It is a luzury bag without breaking the bank.It's available in 4 sizes though I like the 30 best as it is neither too big nor too small.Just the perfect size for a dump-all like me!I have a fascination for top handles and absolutely LOVE the shape of it.This one is on my first on my list of things to buy!Let's hope you guys will see me using it soon!

The Coach Legacy Colorblock Leather Molly Satchel
This bag has everything that I love in bags.The moment I saw it,I knew that it was so ME!
Stunning Colors.Top handle and sling.Metal Zip.Boho Tassels.Fabulously Roomy.
What more could a girl want!Unfortunately,Currently it's sold out online.I hope there's one available in stores somewhere.

Malaga 'El Dorado' Clutch
I've seen clutches from all brands all over the world and somehow none are as pretty as the ones we do in India.This clutch is one I would love to have for my trousseau.It goes perfectly with Indian and Western clothes.It is bling enough without being blinding.The stones are so mesmerizing I could admire them all day!
I'm not sure about the price but this collection retails for around Rs.15000($278) approx as far as I know.

A Jump From Paper 2D Bag
The first time I saw this bag,I thought that it was an illustration!And I'm sure that I am not the first one to think that.Although,this is not really a High-End Designer Bag or even overpriced,This is definitely a Major Statement Bag!My obsession with quirk is fulfilled with this one.:)
Available at Jumpfrompaper.com for $99

The first bag I ever truly lusted after and can you really blame me?
Cambridge Satchel Company makes handcrafted leather satchels in the most gorgeous colours.And their Neon Range is definitely on the top of my lust list for bags.Methinks Pink for me...Which one would you choose?
Price: $180 approx for a 13"

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Bag-a-Bonds!Do you have any bags that you've been coveting?
What's your dream bag?


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous bags, all of them!!! :)

    But am drooling over the Coach satchel & the JumpFromPaper one!!! <3

  2. I absolutely love the satchels, I would love one! It would be great if you could check out my blog, and follow back on bloglovin?


    Lauren x

  3. clutch is amazing.. but for price I will put this in my lust list

  4. My first expensive bag was an LV ! I have something for them. Somehow U should check out the marc jacobs range too !They are the next best alternative to them and in low budget as well.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog .

  5. I love branded bags. I have a few and I intend to add one every year.

  6. ooo ooo ooo. love all of them!

  7. hi sweety, lovely blog and graphic, I'm your new follower!
    If you want see my blog and tell me if you like this ;D

    xoxo jexika lyter


  8. Same pinch................ :)
    Yes, the price tag of branded bags scare me too!!! :D :P
    And I too am in love with Louis Vuitton!
    But more than LV, I'm all the more crazy about Alexander McQueens Skull clutches!!!

  9. Ladies and handbags are made for each other <3. My personal favorite is Aldo or Sworovski.Lovely blog :)
    I am holding a GIVEAWAY. Do participate :)

  10. cute bags!


  11. Interesting and informative post! cOol bags!!
    Thanks for ur comment on my post :) :) :)

  12. I cannot recommend the LV Speedy enough - I bought one two years ago and it's the best bag I have; the quality is amazing and it only gets more beautiful with time :) My ultimate dream bag is a Chanel 2.55, but currently I'm covetting a small pochette from Celine.

  13. cute blog :)
    How about we follow each other? ;)
    Comment on my blog if you're interested. :)

  14. I'd love a Lady Dior....or any quilted Chanel bag, though I doubt I'll ever save enough to buy either.
    My Beauty Junction

  15. Must haves! Xjes


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