Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How to De-Clutter and feel all Zen!

Don't we all have days when we can't find 'that-blue-top-I-bought-last-month' in my wardrobe?
I end up finding every piece of clothing that I never wear but the one which I need.Ultimately half the clothes end up in a very messy bundle on my floor which is stuffed in somehow in my closet as I rush to get ready.Always thinking that I'll sort it out once I come back.Which of course NEVER happens.
I just came back from a holiday from Bangkok last week and have unpacked bags lying in every corner of my room because I don't have any room for them.So this weekend I decided to take on the daunting task of cleaning my closet and making it my first post.It was all very philosophical in my head.New beginnings and all.So below are my 7 Steps to Cleaning your Closet:

1.Set aside a whole day or a few hours depending on how huge your closet is.If you have a sibling or friend who knows you well,ask them to help out.They will be able to give an unbiased opinion about what to get rid off.

2.Get two boxes.I use my big used shopping bags but get cartons if you have too many clothes.Label the first 'THROW' for the stuff that is torn and so ugly and out of style that noone would be caught dead in.Label the second 'DONATE' for the stuff which is slightly faded or which is good but just not right for you.If you have a tailor or can do your own mending,make an 'ALTER' bag too.

3.Empty everything out into the floor.Every single piece.Clean your wardrobe and replace the broken hangers.

4.This is the most important part and the one I have most trouble with.Throwing away my clothes.It needs steely determination and a heavy heart to get through this.WHAT TO GET RID OFF!
a)THROW away anything you have not worn in the last 2 years.It is NOT coming back in style.Even if it does,you will buy new ones anyway.It's ok to keep a couple of them which have memories attached to them but limit them to 3 or 4.Otherwise you end up making faux memories and excuses.Throw the 'I-don't-know-what-I-was-thinking-when-I-bought-this' clothes.Ask your friend to give you an honest opinion about what to toss out if you're confused.Throw the things which are there because they cost a bomb but you haven't worn or are going to wear ever.

b)DONATE the clothes you bought thinking you might wear someday or the ones which are too tight/loose.Do not hang on to them with the hope that you will wear them when you lose weight.If you do lose weight,you deserve new clothes.Give them to someone who will do them justice.

c)DONATE the slightly worn/faded ones and the ones which you never wear because it's too common or a little out to a charity.It's time for them to go to someone actually needs them.

d)THROW away old underwear.Just because no one can see them doesn't mean they have to be fugly.

e)Put away the ones which can be salvaged in the ALTER bag and vow to take them out the next day itself.Do not procrastinate or they will end back where they were.

5.Fold back and hang everything neatly.Iron the ones which are all scrunched up.You might also find a few happy lost treasures!Arrange your formal and casual wear separately.It will make it easier to find things.Put the off season clothes in storage bags and moth proof them.Fight the urge to stuff the remaining back in and be done with it.

6.Treat yourself to a hot cuppa once you're done with the mayhem and then maybe a new dress.You have plenty of empty space now.:)

7.The hard part is THE DAY AFTER.Take out 5 minutes every day to put back everything you take out properly.Maintain a laundry hamper in which you can dump your clothes which lose a button and such so that you can alter them whenever free.Keep throwing out the clothes which you keep trying but never wear because it just doesn't look right.

Don't you feel so Zen and Giving :)

P.S.- I've been thinking of finally doing an outfit post soon and now that my sister's in town...hopefully I can convince her to click some good pictures!So that one should be up next!


  1. I should have done this! I really have too many clothes in my closet >.<

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  2. not finding the right clothes to wear at the right time is every girl's story i guess !!But these tips could really help someone(including me).
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog earlier !
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  3. Great blog and nice post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
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  4. Great post! Actually couple of days ago I had to clean my wardrobe cause I couldnt find anything. :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

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  7. Hahaha! tht's an awesome post! many of us need it ;)
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  8. this was super helpful, especially numero 4! i'm cold and heartless when cleaning out my closet haha, if i'm not excited about a piece or can't see me layering it a lot, i toss it. my closet space is too tiny for meh pieces!

    xo Marlen
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    1. Lol...mine too...I have to stuff my off season clothes and store them in suitcases! :D

  9. Huh !! I can relate to each and every word here !!

  10. That's a very unique post! Great tips doll! :)
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  14. I have exactly the same problem as you and it gets so frustrating when I can't find that piece of apparel that I've set my heart on wearing! hahaha.

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  16. Decluttering is the best feeling... although I admit, I sometimes get overzealous about it and even get rid of things prematurely! I just love having a clean closet full of pieces I know I love :)

  17. Thanks so much for the fabulous tips! I always have the problem of not finding something that I really want to wear, just today it was navy tights! LOL


  18. yes i always experience that!! thanks for sharing your tips! xx

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  19. As someone with an astonishingly empty closet, it feels good to not be drowning in unworn, unnecessary clothing.

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  21. Super tips! Now all I need to do is muster up the courage to clean my over flowing closet!

  22. Now this is funny. We too talked about spring cleaning on our blog this Saturday and used the same picture. Your tips are so detailed and great. We had a quick tip session instead.

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